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08 Dec 2021


Regulatory and Governance
ERI Report 2021

The African Development Bank Group's flagship Electricity Regulatory Index for Africa (ERI) measures the level of development of the regulatory framework for the electricity sector in African countries and the capacity of regulatory authorities against internationally accepted best practices. An effective, transparent, predictable and enforceable regulatory framework is widely recognized as a key component of any sustainable electricity sector as it establishes clear rules, standards and practices for the stakeholders. This sends good signals to private investors and gives them the needed confidence to commit to long term energy investments.

This report is the fourth edition of the Electricity Regulatory Index (ERI) covering 43 countries.  All sub-regions have been covered, with 3 countries in North Africa, 14 countries in West Africa, 7 countries in Central Africa, 6 countries in East Africa and 13 countries in Southern Africa

The ERI is made up of three pillars or sub-indices: the Regulatory Governance Index (RGI); the Regulatory Substance Index (RSI); and the Regulatory Outcome Index (ROI).

The report's instrument includes benchmarks based on a continuously growing, proprietary database of utilities and regulators across the African continent. It also tests the actual impact of the regulators’ actions and decisions on performance of utilities and the power sector in general, The ERI;

  • Assesses underlying regulatory factors that impact performance 
  • Identifies gaps and outlines a set of interventions for success
  • Prioritizes the interventions needed to improve regulatory performance