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06 Feb 2023


Electricity utilities
Regulatory and Governance

This report is the fifth edition of the Electricity Regulatory Index (ERI). It measures the level of development of electricity sector regulatory frameworks in African countries and the capacity of regulatory authorities to effectively carry out their relevant functions and duties. The report covers 43 of the 45 countries with confirmed regulatory authorities. The ERI is made up of three pillars or sub-indices: the Regulatory
Governance Index (RGI); the Regulatory Substance Index (RSI); and the Regulatory Outcome Index (ROI).  Uganda, which has occupied the top position since the inception of the ERI in 2018, maintained its prime standing in 2022 with an ERI score of 0.846. Other top performers included Egypt (0.785), Senegal (0.710), Ghana (0.709), and Kenya (0.695). The electricity regulatory frameworks in these 5 top countries are relatively well-developed and their utilities respond positively to regulatory instructions and guidelines, whilst their regulators are forward looking and capable of exerting the necessary regulatory authority over the regulated entities. This has been reflected in the outcomes.

The fundamentals of supportive regulatory frameworks, which have been established in the surveyed countries, remain strong and are improving. Thirty countries have either amended their regulatory laws and instruments or have enacted new ones; as a result, they have addressed weaknesses that were identified
through the ERI. Although higher than last year, the average ERI score remains low, at 0.496 compared to 0.456 in 2021.