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21 Apr 2022

Will Biomass Always Fuel Africa? (A special report from AFREC)

Energy Access
Regulatory and Governance
Renewable Energy
Rural Electrification

Biofuels currently account for more than 50% of the energy mix of Africa and for some countries, for more than 90%. Thus, the importance of biofuels in the economy of African countries cannot be underestimated. There is an urgent need to have a more comprehensive understanding of the current impacts of biofuel consumption on African economies as well as on the associated environmental and social impact. This would assist in identifying pros and cons for the sustainability of such a high percentage of biofuel consumption in the African energy mix in coming decades.

At a time when the price of energy is sharply increasing and energy is central in the discussions on climate change, we take a closer look at the role of biofuels in the current African energy landscape. This analysis was undertaken to examine strengths and weaknesses in terms of data and information required for a comprehensive view of biofuel situation in Africa, and to propose urgent actions to fill identified gaps, forecast and plan for the contribution that biofuels could have in the future development of Africa and the energy sector.

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