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16 May 2022

Global Energy Perspective 2022 (A report by Mckinsey &Company)

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Energy Perspective 2022

The Global Energy Perspective is developed by Energy Insights in collaboration with McKinsey Sustainability
and the Global Energy and Materials and Advanced Industries practices. The Global Energy Perspective 2022
offers a detailed demand outlook across 55 sectors, 70+ energy products, and 146 countries for five key scenarios. The report offers five main insights into the energy sector as follows.

1. The conflict in Ukraine, as well as other factors, have triggered significant peaks in energy prices as uncertainties around supply security and affordability are paramount. This comes at a time where markets are already tight following the COVID-19 rebound.

2. the energy mix is projected to shift toward power.By 2050, electricity and enabling hydrogen and synfuels could account for 50% of the energy mix.

3. Peak oil demand is projected to occur between 2024 and 2027 driven largely by EV uptake—a development that is already underway.

4. Even if all countries with net-zero commitments deliver on their aspirations, global warming is projected to reach 1.7°C by 2100.

5. Total investments across energy sectors are projected to grow by more than 4% per annum and are projected to be increasingly skewed towards non-fossil and decarbonization technologies, while returns remain uncertain.