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15 Feb 2021

Africa Solar Outlook 2021: A Country-By-Country Review of the Status of Solar in Africa

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Africa Solar Outlook 2021

This report is a country-by-country review of the key drivers for successful solar development. It aims at being the solar decision-maker companion by providing clear and concise information about the solar dynamics in each country. In this report, we have opted for a very summarized presentation of these key drivers. But all elements presented are sourced and the reader can easily track the information and dig deeper wherever need be. On top of the country vignettes, we have also gone deeper into some of the main segments which compose the solar industry: large-scale projects, C&I (commercial and industrial, often referred to “auto-consommation” in french), MGs (mini-grids) and SHS (solar Home Systems).

These segments reviews are only snapshots of their full status and latest developments. Indeed, the African continent is so vast and solar developments so numerous that it would not be possible to cover each segment comprehensively in 1 document. We thus opted for bringing the spotlight only on the most notable and trending aspects of each segment. We hope you will enjoy AFSIA’s inaugural Annual Solar Outlook and look forward to your comments to make future reports better and more useful. Please do not hesitate to share your suggestions and remarks at [email protected] so that we can continue building a strong and growing industry together.

Download the report below.