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New Deal on Energy for Africa

In 2016, the African Development Bank launched the New Deal on Energy for Africa (NDEA), a partnership-driven effort with the aspirational goal of achieving universal access to electricity in Africa by 2025. The New Deal unifies all of the Bank’s initiatives that gear towards achieving this goal.

A key component of the New Deal is mobilizing private and public sector engagement of the African energy sector. A significant obstacle to the development of the African energy sector has been the lack of publicly accessible information on relevant data, news, and insights. While the last decade has seen innovations in information and data gathering techniques and more spotlight on developments in the African energy space, relevant information is dispersed and often not up-to-date. The Africa Energy Portal provides a one-stop source for information on all developments in the African energy sector, as well as a platform for experts, researchers, investors, policymakers, and other stakeholders to share their knowledge, ideas and insights with one another.