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Namibia: Over 420 Houses in Omaheke Get Electricity

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Vice President Nangolo Mbumba on Monday commissioned the electrification of 426 houses in the Omaheke region. This saw the region taking another giant leap towards further bolstering their rural electrification programme.

The electrification of the houses covers a total of seven localities within the region's Kalahari, Okorukambe, and Epukiro and Otjombinde constituencies. The region's rural electrification programme is being rolled out in collaboration with Central North Regional Electricity Distributor (Cenored).

To date, both the regional council and Cenored have invested over N$7 million in electricity projects across the region. In the Kalahari constituency, 88 households at Tsjaka and 95 houses at Drimiopsis Growthpoint will benefit from this initiative, while at Okorukambe; 48 houses at Omitara and another 86 homes at Farm du Plessis are set to benefit from the electrification programme.

In the Epukiro constituency, the village of Otjijere will have 40 houses electrified through the initiative while another 27 will also receive electricity at Ohakavena. In the Otjombinde constituency, the settlements of Tallismanus and Otjozohungu will each see 21 houses getting electricity.

Officially commissioning the electrification of the houses at Drimiopsis on Monday, Mbumba said Omaheke's electrification programme is of high importance and forms part of a countrywide effort to bridge the existing energy divide within the various sectors of society.

"This a clear demonstration of our commitment to ensuring that every citizen has access to reliable and affordable electricity, regardless of their geographical location or social background. In doing so, we are breaking the chains of inequality and creating an environment where every individual can thrive and contribute to the collective prosperity of our nation," he said.

Not only that, but the deputy head of State said the electrification of the households will also create business opportunities for the locals and bring further stability to those already with electricity.

Omaheke governor Pijoo Nganate was equally elated with the progress the region has made in reaching more homes through their rural electrification programme, saying not only will it boost business activities within the various localities but school-going children can now attend to their homework and other academic activities peacefully in the evenings.

"Electricity is at the heart of all modern economic activities and remains essential to the overall wellbeing of our people. All these efforts are geared towards improving the living standards of all Namibians, not just here in the Omaheke region," stated Nganate.

Cenored's board chairperson Moses Matyayi also joined Mbumba and the regional leadership to witness first-hand the commissioning of the electrification programme.