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2ND ANNUAL AFRICA SOLAR ENERGY FORUM: Lighting up Africa through the Deployment of Solar Power

TagsEnergy Access, Finance and Investment, Renewable Energy

Solar Energy is the energy of the present and of the future and of course, the way to go. This has been globally ascertained. Manufacturing is at its peak and the advanced countries are taking advantage of the trend. Dependence on fossil fuel for energy generation is already becoming something of the past as there are already electric cars, solar street lights, solar homes, micro and mini grids that run entirely on solar energy.

The conference will allow native government officials, technicians, engineers, solar energy experts and entrepreneurs and business developers to interact and exchange information with representatives from leading international solar companies and foreign government agencies. This opportunity will without doubt stimulate and strengthen direct and indirect cooperation within the international technical and commercial communities, which is a prerequisite for much needed support of the development of sustainable solar energy industries in Africa.

Register for the event here: https://leadventgrp.com/events/2nd-annual-africa-solar-energy-forum/details