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01 Apr 2022

Improving Energy Access Through Technology

Energy Access, Technology
Ekene Mekwunye
Energy Access

The rise of technology in the global space has resulted in the improvement of the socio-economic well-being of individuals. For instance, in the telecommunications industry, technological solutions have played a massive role in the transport of information through various media.
Given the significance of electricity and the quest for universal energy access, technology could be a lever in achieving the targets of the electricity industry. This article highlights how technology is improving energy access.

1. The Use of Smart Grid: More energy systems are employing smart grids through technology. A smart grid is an electrical communication network that enables suppliers and consumers to manage demand, protect the distribution network, save energy and reduce cost. This system, currently being utilised in China, the United States, Brazil, Australia etc., extends from generation plants to consumers’ meters. Typically, traditional grids have no storage capacity and are demand-driven with a complex organisational structure. However, smart grids have storage capacity, unify power generating sources and ensure better service delivery.

2. Smart Metering: Unlike analogue electricity meters, in which consumers had to read and interpret the numbers before getting the final reading of power consumption and reporting to the utility provider, digital smart meters provide detailed information on electricity consumption and electronically report the information to utility companies at regular intervals. Smart metering technology also enables consumers to monitor their consumption levels and save energy.

3. Energy Conservation: Technology has also championed the sustainable use of energy. With the introduction of the IoT in the sector, energy systems can now be optimised. For instance, the invention of smart monitors that regulates the temperature of a building or a smart sensor that controls energy activities in an establishment. This application enables the conservation of energy and allows for optimum connection to the internet for easier operations.

In all, the energy sector has a lot to benefit from technology, and it can apply these solutions and more to promote energy access across the world.


This blogpost is authored by Ekene Mekwunye, a Research Analyst for The Electricity Hub. The article is orginally posted on The Electricity Hub

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