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16 Apr 2020

Coronavirus and Africa's electricity connectivity

Electricity connection in Africa

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

The world is experiencing unusual times, as the Coronavirus wreaks havoc on human lives and reverses the fortunes of global economies. As the world increases efforts to curtail the spread of the virus, it is important to stress on the critical role of energy.

The African Development Bank, for example, has ramped up resources to support African countries that are vulnerable to the coronavirus scourge. Supporting energy across African economies is premised on a clear understanding of the needs based on data and statistics. This is what the Africa Energy Portal has sought to do since we launched it two years ago.

Over the years, we have shared information, developed formidable relationships with a number of organizations, and made significant changes to energy data and statistics available on the Portal. Detailed profiles are being developed for all countries in Africa, including the Sahel region countries. The Sahel focus also aligns with the Bank’s Desert to Power initiative, which aims to turn Africa into a solar energy powerhouse.

The Portal will also be undergoing further needed improvements to respond to the needs of its audience. In addition to country profiles, an array of projects in the energy sector will be profiled on the Portal.

One of the key projects in our pipeline is the development of a new statistical information system that will provide useful data and statistics on Africa’s energy sector. This is being done by the African Union’s Africa Energy Commission (AFREC) with the support of the African Development Bank.

Energy data, statistics and news are needed to inform investment decisions and ascertain the needs of countries. Even more so now, when urgent help is required.

Through the Africa Energy Portal and the AEP newsletter, we will continue to provide concrete information and updates on Africa’s energy news, data and statistics that will serve developers, governments, organizations, and other actors in the energy value chain.

Best wishes for your health!

AEP Editorial Team

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