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Building Africa's energy database: What Africa Energy Portal offers

This is the first Africa Energy Portal newsletter.

Welcome to the Africa Energy Portal (AEP)

In 2016, the African Development Bank launched the New Deal on Energy for Africa (NDEA); and with it, the ambition to forge forward with the High 5 goal to Light Up and Power Africa by guaranteeing access to the close to 600 million Africans who still lack access to electricity.

This path towards this goal is fraught with a healthy mix of successes, challenges, and lessons. We have witnessed the transformation across the continent as more people have access to power, as well as the challenges that stand in the way of that transformation.

These challenges are not exclusive to us. Like us, many international and local stakeholders have experienced the data access and reliability challenges that hold back substantive participation in the numerous opportunities within Africa’s energy sector.

The AEP is strategically positioned to resolve these challenges, by providing stakeholders with the requisite information to facilitate decision making, and fast track investments and initiatives that will revolutionize Africa’s energy sector. We remain enthused by Africa’s potential, and in the transformative power of energy access. We invite you to join us in building a formidable repository for energy data in the continent.

Amadou Hott, Vice-President, Power, Energy, Climate Change & Green Growth, African Development Bank. 

This is AEP's first newsletter. See more here.